Solar Ship is Listening

Airships are often used for advertising, but we don't build airships. We build solarships and we are organizing a listening campaign. Solar Ship wants to hear your ideas.

Be a Problem Solver

Solar Ship builds hybrid aircraft to deliver critical cargo to cut-off places. There are three areas that drive our mission: central Africa, northern Canada, and western China.

What's Your Idea?

These places have unique problems that need unique solutions. What's your idea for change?

How it works


  • Discover great ideas
  • Find smart people
  • Vote on the best


  • Share your great idea
  • Get feedback on it
  • Work with others


  • Make good ideas great
  • Comment on ideas
  • Build a reputation

Trending Ideas

Using the Public Spotlight for Outreach

A couple of ideas

Maritime inspirations to African youths.


protection of dogs and puppy in Ethiopia